Sometimes breakfast is better than sex?

You say breakfast better than sex?
No, I don't think it that way.
Maybe... Maybe, I would,
when my life spent away
in decrepid old age,
when I've seen all the good,
and I've spent all the rage,
and I'll be tired of life,
when I'll stay in the past
on my memories drive
on last side of the hill.
Hey, let's see if my luck
let me live for so long.
All I know, fate could strike.
And that fate I don't know. 
But I know for a fact 
that I like breakfast too.
Best of all I like you 
put my thumb in your mouth,
at least then you could not 
hurt me with your damn words.
Is that not so my queen?
Is it not? 
Now I know I was wrong 
that was just one of one of yours 
invitations to sex.
It's 10 years too late.